Your daily dose of inspiring quotes; Here you will find quotes to inspire you, motivate you, and simply help you carry on. I have made this blog soley for the purpose of somewhere to go when in need of inspiration, or some cheering up. May these add a positive thought to your day!

DISCLAIMER: All graphics on this blog are made by ME, the template included. I have not watermarked my graphics, but please do not steal or redistribute! This blog was inspired by the "Keep Calm and Carry On" books with no copyright infringement intended. If you have questions, contact me via ask box. Thank-you!



What’s your name? How old are you? Where do you live?
Sandi, I’m 17, I live in Canada!

Do you have a personal blog?
Yes, cozymornings.

How long have you had this tumblr?
Since February 2011.

Where’s your theme from?
My theme is made by ciarabella, however she deleted her account so it is no longer avaliable. Please do not ask me for the code, I tweaked and edited it loads.

How do I submit a quote?
Click here.

Do you do promotions?
No, sorry!

Will you follow me back?
Since all the quote graphics on my blog are made by me I don’t follow other blogs since I do not reblog. However, I do follow some quote blogs for ideas. If your blog is STRICTLY quotes, you can ask me to check it out and I most likely will follow!

What do you make your quote graphics on?
I make them in Paint Shop Pro X4.

Are you currently looking for other people to help you with the blog?
No, and I don’t think I will anytime in the near future. Sorry!

How can I support your blog?

You support this blog by following. If you would like a button like the one above though, copying and pasting the code below onto your blog (in the description or elsewhere) would be an amazing way to show it ;